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Howdy all of you. I'm back and as you can tell I wasn't happy with the old interface for long. Hope this new design helps all of you in browsing and enjoying your experience.


Oh yeah, went wheelin' again. It's actually kind of nice to be able to go anywhere right now and not worry about the mud pits for once. I know most of you are booing me right now, but I like variety in my wheelin' experience. Mud is nice and a decent challenge, especially when it's "soupy." Went to our usual place on Batts Ferry and showed some factory flex in the rear. Broke my 4wheel low in just that much more. If any of you are in the Bryan/College Station area shoot me an email and we can get together sometime for a good ol' weekend of wheelin'. Until then Happy Trails and Tread Lightly.


Adventures will be posted here usually on weekends after we go wheelin. See you guys then!

Since there is a lack of text here and it looks kind of funny, I'll put in a little bio of myself and what I'm doing here. This site is to promote the use of Jeeps in their natural habitat, off pavement. This means if you have lowered your vehicle, keep on moving this isn't for you. My Jeeps is a 2001 TJ, still stock at the moment. I did get the Dana 44 axle though, and I am thankful. If you want to throw me an email go ahead, if it's a question I'll do my best to answer it or refer you to someone who can. Now that's better, much more text. I'll be seeing you in a week or so. :-D Happy Trails and Tread Lightly.

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